Blood and Clay Blood and Clay

an animated feature for the creatures of the night


1915: The World War rages in Europe. The Viennese necromancer Prof. Waltz, siding with the Triple Alliance(Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy) and his counterpart, the Hat Maker, a British spiritualist siding with the Triple-Entente( France, Russia and Britain) both strive for paranormal armament.
They have already resurrected dead in battle and are now searching for the source of the magical clay to form an army of invincible golems. Only the young rogue Lizbeth knows the secret of the clay and hence finds herself in a key position in this global conflict.

When Director Kosswick and Wolfboy, two characters from her past, return from the dead, Lizbeth must face her guilt towards Wolfboy and confront her nemesis Kosswick to stop the hellish escalation of the war.

The directors

Martin and Albert met in 1999 at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. Martin as a student, Albert as a lecturer for stop-motion. Since then, the friends have worked together on several projects, as Martin’s second year film ‘Jimmy’ and his diploma film ‘Eels’. Albert’s film ‘Prinz Ratte’ - a co-production with Trikk17 from Hamburg - has been supervised by Martin as a VFX Supervisor.
Martins and Albert’s films have been screened at over 300 film festivals.

Albert is an expert in stop-motion-animation. He builds miniature sets and durable rigs for the puppets and is an incredible gifted character animator.

Martin is a 3D-artist with decades of experience. He specialised in atmospheric lighting.

The development of the animated feature ‘Blood & Clay- the golem army’ has just started.