Blood and Clay Blood and Clay

The short movie ‚Blood & Clay‘ is an animated short movie (~20 min) co-directed by Martin Rahmlow and Albert Radl.
The movie tells the story of the orphan Lizbeth, who tries to escape her nemesis Director Kosswick und his Golem.

The movie will be produced in a hybrid stop- motion/cgi technique.

About ‚Blood & Clay‘

‘Blood & Clay’ is a gloomy animated short film (~20 min.) set in the foggy, cold harbour of Hamburg in 1913. The ensemble includes fantastic characters such as a golem, a werewolf, a harpy and a chimera. ‘Blood & Clay’ is genre cinema and sees itself in the tradition of ‘gothic’ or ‘horror’ storytelling like the works of Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. The main character Lizbeth is more like a Dickens ‘Oliver Twist‘ character.

‘Blood & Clay’ tells the classic ‘good and evil clash’ plot, but there is another layer of story showing us Lizbeth’s struggle for freedom and how it is affected by her inner conflict.
To free herself from her oppression, she must violate her moral values and abandon the Wolfboy. A decision that torments our main character and leaves behind a torn Lizbeth. The image of torn, self-contradictory characters are leitmotifly seen through the film.

There will be two versions: An english original and a dubbed german version.

Lizbeth's nemesis Director Kosswick

Looking for Co-Production Partners and Investors

We're looking for Co-Production Partners and Investors to help us to complete the short movie and to deliver a stunning, cutting edge audiovisual experience. And we invite our Co-Production Partners to join our journey of further developing the 'Blood & Clay' storyworld.
We believe that on the basis of a compelling and successful short film further development of ‘Blood & Clay’ is possible. There is an epilogue after the credits to entice the audience, showing that the connection between Lizbeth and the Wolfboy hasn‘t come to an end with his death - a technique used by the MCU Marvel movies to craft connections between the movies. The Wolfboy calls Lizbeth for help from the Limbo- a ghost plane where his restless soul is trapped. Is Lizbeth able to unriddle the secrets of Kosswick's top hat and use its powers for establishing a doorway? Will she be able to bring him back to to life? But beware: He is not the only lost soul in Limbo - Kosswick lurks there somewhere - plotting, longing for revenge ....

The shortfilm could work as a prequel for a feature or even better as an episode 0 for a (Mini-) Series.
The key is that it sets a remarkable emotional depth for the entire show. The story is driven by the emotional impact- the emotional damage done in the short film.

Set pieces

The directors

Martin and Albert met in 1999 at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. Martin as a student, Albert as a lecturer for stop-motion. Since then, the friends have worked together on several projects, as Martin’s second year film ‘Jimmy’ and his diploma film ‘Eels’. Albert’s film ‘Prinz Ratte’ - a co-production with Trikk17 from Hamburg - has been supervised by Martin as a VFX Supervisor.
Martins and Albert’s films have been screened at over 300 film festivals. The short ‘Blood & Clay’ will be their first project co-directing.

Albert is an expert in stop-motion-animation. He builds miniature sets and durable rigs for the puppets and is an incredible gifted character animator.

Martin is a 3D-artist with decades of experience. He specialised in atmospheric lighting.

They carefully developed ‘Blood & Clay’ for years and now- as the financing is almost complete - they are ready to start the production.